No :) - we are actually husband and wife (minus the marriage certificate)

Our regular shipping method is Canada Post. Expedited options are available at checkout to accommodate special circumstances.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges. You will see this shipping charge on your final invoice.

Yes. Please note that that the customer is responsible for any and all customs clearance charges for shipments crossing borders.

Send us an email to cindy@vintagebrothers.ca and we will respond as soon as possible to let you know if your request can be accommodated.

Our main goal is to repurpose and give new life to urban salvage. It is important for us to use local materials whenever possible. Our favourite materials include oak, walnut, and maple, but we also jump at the opportunity to repurpose chestnut, cherry, butternut and other less common species whenever possible. The only wood we import is olive – which unfortunately is not grown here.

Yes! Even our black boards are made with all natural materials, and every board is sealed with beeswax and mineral oil. Every board is food safe.

We recommend our boards be hand washed with warm soapy water and dried immediately. Dependant on the frequency of use, boards will dry out over time. A regular application of beeswax and mineral oil will keep your board in proper condition. Never put your board in the dishwasher or leave wet for any length of time.

Send us an email - cindy@vintagebrothers.ca. We would be happy to answer any of questions.