Wood Info

Black Walnut

Our most popular wood species, Black Walnut has rich, deep warm tones, and a beautiful grain pattern. A common species in this region, black walnut is a top seller since it compliments any décor.


Known for its tight grain pattern and light appearance, oak is one of our most versatile materials. Dense and heavier than most wood species, we love working with oak for its classic appearance and durability.

Toasted Oak

Toasted Oak is a Vintage Brothers favourite simply due to the rich deep brown colour it exudes. It has the durability and strength of oak, with the décor appeal of black walnut. Toasted oak is definitely one of our best sellers.

Canadian Maple

With it’s beautiful, clean blonde appearance, Canadian maple is a very durable choice. Although it can be slightly more temperamental to work with, there’s nothing quite like the feel of sanded maple.

Distressed Oak

Vintage Brothers distressed oak boards are made with an all-natural process that reacts with the tanic acids inherent in oak. Naturally stained and sanded to create the “aged” appearance, the Distressed Collection is a Vintage Brothers best seller.

Blackened Oak

Similar to our Distressed Collection, Vintage Brothers black charcuterie boards are naturally stained with a process that reacts to the tanic acid found in oak. Coated many times until opaque, these boards are labour intensive to create, but oh so worth the finished product.


Most people think red when they think about cherry wood, however, that can vary dramatically based on the milled lumber. From a clear and clean white wood, all the way to a beautiful reddish brown centre, cherry wood creates some of our most beautiful boards.


Perhaps our favourite wood to work with, the finish of Butternut is consistent and beautiful with its rich golden grains. Suitable for any kitchen décor, butternut has warm tones and glassy smooth finish.