Spectacular Antique Board and Patched Bowl With Blue/Green Patina


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This lovely matching board and bowl are not even from the same country, yet they work so well together, we have to keep them as a set. 

The board is German in origin. The cake board, dough board, or breadboards as they are commonly referred to, is made with splining to withstand high temperatures without splitting. The wood is interwoven and constructed without nails or fasteners. The pieces move together as the wood expands and contracts. It features original paint in this wonderful blue green patina. Quite large in size, and though well used,  it is in excellent condition. 

The bowl is American - made by the Munising company in the early 1900's. It's the perfect example of patchwork. Obviously well used, this bowl has marks from years of food preparation. In a world today that is considered a throw away society, this bowl is the exact opposite. Patched on both sides with metal pinning to help keep the shape, these "bandaids" are the bowls best features.  

The bowl is extra large in size. The pair would make a fantastic feature if taste is  rustic, eclectic, or farmhouse decor. 

Both pieces are sold in "as found" condition, and are truly one of our favourite items on hand.